#blacklivesmatter and Walking His Path of Social Mercy

What is the most well-known Christian scripture verse? John 3:16 right? It’s become a bit cliché. It’s a New Testament passage that has found its way into pop culture, predominantly through college football, and I would wager it to be one of the top ten scriptures... read more

Three White Apostles from Utah

Three vacancies in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was cause for many to wonder and even hope for the possibility of more diversity in the church’s leadership. I was one of those people. It seemed to have been set... read more

It was me. I was the one.

It was me. I was the one. I was the responsible adult overseeing the crew of 13-year-old boys at the community pool today. I only come forward because when I was the mother of children younger-than-they-are-now I would sometimes grumble things like, “Who is the... read more

Motherhood is Like Calculus

As I wait for my wife to return home from her first solo overnight trip in seven years away from me and our four children, I can’t help but think of what an ungrateful, unknowing, lazy husband and father I am. I’ve watched the kids before and am by no means... read more

Discovering the Power of Faith in “Freetown”

by Scott Hales I’m not usually a fan of Mormon missionary movies or novels for two reasons. First, I think they are overrepresented in Mormon culture. The Latter-day Saint experience is richly textured and broad, offering storytellers limitless possibilities. But so... read more

Coming Home Early

Today I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine. I was among her youth leaders when she was still a teen. She was the kind of kid every parent loves. Genuinely kind, smart and hardworking, Megan has been given many gifts. And just like the rest of us, she has also... read more

Episode 23: Depression, Suicide, and The Atonement

  David is joined by ladies man, James, to discuss the struggles of dating, dealing with depression and thoughts of suicide, and how the Atonement has the power to heal all. http://www.podcastgarden.com/login/audio-6/6091/MMEP23.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window |... read more

LDS Men and Feelings

  Sending a text message can change a life. Male members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do a lot of good. They set up tables and chairs when called upon. They lift their fair share of couches, entertainment centers, and pianos, which have been... read more

Scott Hales on Mormon Literature

Dear Mormon Misfit Magazine readers, Here’s what happened, in order of events. Scott Hales agrees to answer some questions I had about Mormon literature, including ridiculous ones that I came up with like “you don’t know me but can you tell me why I... read more

My Mission Was Easier Than Yours

Mormons use the internet for all kinds of awesomeness and sharing of goodnesses but occasionally, if the moon is in the house of Scorpio or the deacons brought wheat instead of white that Sunday, they get a little worked up and may also use it to debate things, like... read more

Mormons Own Grateful

I was in a meeting at work the other day listening to a man I had never met. When he began to speak he said he was grateful for the opportunity to talk with us. My first thought was, “This guy said ‘grateful.’ He has to be a Mormon.” By the end... read more





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