Episode 19: John Dehlin, Mormon Stories, and Excommunication

In this episode, Josh and David discuss the recent news of John Dehlin’s disciplinary letter, his influence on members of the church, and his possible motives.

Never fear, the usual silliness included.

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  1. Devyn, I recall Jana Reiss talking about “taking a sabb1tical&#822a; from church for a year. Apparently the concept is taboo in Mormon circles :DI find that full attendance can be spiritually depleting at times. It depends greatly on the ward, type lessons, the teachers, your local friends in the ward, etc.



  1. Some Followup on Mental Frames and Asking Questions – the Sons of Adam - […] John Dehlin, Mormon Stories, and Excommunication –┬áThe Mormon Misfit crew share some measured ideas regarding all this hubbub. There’s …

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