Episode 20: Millennial Mormons, Sister Missionary Pressure, and the LGBT Press Conference

David is joined by Alex to discuss the recent split between the creators of Millennial Mormons and the subsequent creation of Whatsoever is Good. They also talk about the social pressure for Sisters to serve missions since the age change, the LGBT Rights Press Conference held by the church, and more.

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  1. Hi guys! I appreciate this project. I think it’s important to try to point out that it’s actually quite easy to be both a fully-faithful Latter-day Saint and not be the same as everyone around you. I’m going to give you guys another shot, but I really found the last ten minutes of this podcast really sad. “So, Mormon Misfits are hoping for understanding from an unbending culture, but also Mormons have been persecuted by gays and that’s horrible and somehow equivalent to what people have done to gays (don’t persecute me, gay people!), justifying our feelings that we can continue to treat them as misfits.” I don’t condone the actions of the person who blacklisted your friend, but that’s really not the same. Which rights, exactly, are you worried about gay rights folks infringing on? It’s really important to try to not take the place of the victim, particularly when the animosity at the heart is rooted in past aggression by “our team.” Instead, might it not be wiser, and more Christian, to pursue a path of direct action of love toward those who despitefully use use and “persecute” us?

    A final note: talking about people who have these “sexual tendencies” demonstrates a really tone-deaf thing to say for a person who already feels like a misfit. It’s a hard thing to sort out what a Mormon and a misfit should say and do about all the social issues surrounding homosexuality, but I can assure you, calling homosexuality a type of “sexual tendency” carries a lot of negative baggage that signals exclusion (“You’re a misfit!”) to gay people, even those trying to stick with the Church.

    • I would hardly consider pointing out the folly in forcing someone out of their job because they donated to a cause you disagree with to be a showing of not loving someone.

      As far as “sexual tendencies” goes, I have no idea what is acceptable to say but I would hope that our intentions would weigh more heavily than the words used, even if poorly chosen. I think this is one reason many avoid the conversation completely rather than tip-toeing through the verbal mine field that many of the topics we discuss can be.

      I would ask that you exercise some patience and charity with us. We are just trying to figure out and navigate this life like everyone else. Thanks for listening and I appreciate your feedback.

  2. Just re-listened to this episode and I have to say that I really enjoy it. I LOVE Alex and the input and perspective she brought to this show.


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