Episode 23: Depression, Suicide, and The Atonement



David is joined by ladies man, James, to discuss the struggles of dating, dealing with depression and thoughts of suicide, and how the Atonement has the power to heal all.


  1. This was a great podcast and one that I can totally relate to. Thank you for having James on, and thank you James for being so honest and helpful.

  2. I too have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. As a single LDS man in my later 30s, I often feel alone, helpless, and lost. I could parallel many of Jim’s thoughts and feelings…being suicidal, never having a girlfriend, etc. My tragedies are a bit different. I did serve a full-time mission in the late 90s. Being a musician, my feelings have always been close to the surface. This led to rumors that I was gay and didn’t know it yet from other missionaries in my mission, from other singles in my YSA ward during my bachelor’s degree, and occasionally from peers at school today, and even once recently in my family ward. The other difference is that I don’t actually know the Book of Mormon is true. I don’t know that the church is true. I believe. I want them to be true. But I have felt my simple existence is somehow a punishment for not believing hard enough. Sometimes I feel that my life would easier if I WAS gay. Then I could own it and deal with it. I could wander away from the church honestly and legitimately. I’m still waiting for so many things. Knowledge, testimony, love, understanding, and acceptance. Listening to this podcast, along with number 24, while I have been packing up my stuff to move, has been cathartic. Needed. Thank you.


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