LDS Men and Feelings



Sending a text message can change a life.

Male members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do a lot of good. They set up tables and chairs when called upon. They lift their fair share of couches, entertainment centers, and pianos, which have been known to take years off the typical man’s life. Thankfully the word of wisdom balances that all out.

The literal bearing of another’s burden is something not unknown to an LDS man. The fear is that the figurative, though often more important, bearing of each other’s burdens is all too often ignored.

Though not everyone’s experience, men in our culture seem to be slow to share our feelings, dreams and desires with our fellow brethren.  Pride has the tendency to keep us from reaching out for help from each other. If we are moved by the words of another, often that experience is never communicated to the orator.

This lack of communication is unfortunate but can even become dangerous when, as a priesthood community, we also feel uncomfortable to open up about doubts, spiritual anguish, and depression.

I have been on the receiving end of another brother’s kind words through a text in which he thanked me for service rendered years ago. His healing words came at a time when my wounded heart desperately needed them.

He could not have known what I was facing that day, but he followed whatever thought or prompting that came to him. A thought or prompting that may sometimes, sadly, be shrugged off as being silly or soft.

This is an area in which we could do to emulate our sisters. I often stand in awe of many of the women in our church and their ability to throw themselves into the ministering of others. They love with a heavenly, reckless abandon that my guarded soul has a hard time comprehending.

There are people we see every week at church that could be changed by a passing fist bump, a simple expression of gratitude, or even a text message.

I was.

If you think someone is exceptional, tell them. It may just be the tilt they need to win the day’s battle within.


  1. You are pretty exceptional! Great writing.

  2. Great topic. Wards are full of members “poor in spirit”. A few simple words can make such a difference. For the same reason I can’t seem to notice a mess in my home that needs a clean-up, I sometimes fail to notice those in need. The Sisters seem to look for, identify and engage these walking wounded far more readily. The Brethren should also “seek after these things.”

  3. Great reminder! Thanks :)


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