SELMA and Hero Worship

  Whether you think it’s deserved or not, the Mormon church doesn’t have the greatest reputation in the black community. So the fact that the film Selma wasn’t showing in any theaters, on its wide release date in Rexburg, a city with an estimated 95 percent... read more

Episode 21: Imagine Dragons, Faith Trials, and The Oscars

  In this episode the Mormon Misfit pop culture guru, Brandon, joins David once again to discuss the new album from Imagine Dragons.  Is Dan Reynolds going through a faith trial or are they reading too much into the lyrics of the new album, Smoke + Mirrors?  They... read more

Smoke + Mirrors by Imagine Dragons: A Crisis of Faith?

The little indie band formed in Provo, Utah is indie no more. After making the move to Las Vegas, recording a few EPs and making some band personnel changes, Imagine Dragons signed to Interscope records in 2011 and began recording their album Night Visions with... read more

Why I Stay

by Tyler Seamons There have been too many “high-profile” LDS folk taking their stories to blogs, social media, and to traditional media, for me not to address the topic of popularity, right now. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have... read more

The BYU Beard Card

We are very pleased to introduce Scott Hales, creator of the Mormon Shorts and Garden of Enid comics, as the newest contributor to the Mormon Misfit Magazine. Welcome, Scott!... read more


John Dehlin, creator of the popular podcast and blog, Mormon Stories, attended his disciplinary council last night to discuss possible excommunication for apostasy. This is an unprecedented situation in the Mormon faith, with Dehlin choosing to take his situation to... read more

Meet the (Mormon Misfit Magazine) Editors: Melissa

I’ve been trying to pinpoint the moment I became a Mormon Misfit. Was it the day of my birth? Was it being born to a couple not quite yet settled on their own religious path? Which tradition would they choose, my mother’s Catholicism or my father’s Mormonism? They... read more

Meet the (Mormon Misfit Magazine) Editors: Josh

I was coming down the stairs from my bedroom for a fashion show. A friend and her parents were over and we had been talking about my upcoming mission and how I would be wearing a suit for two years. They couldn’t imagine me in a suit. With short hair. And a... read more

Meet the (Mormon Misfit Magazine) Editors: David

I’m a Mormon. Or for the insufferable sticklers out there, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Savior dearly, but the title of His church is quite the mouthful.  Personally, I don’t mind the nickname,... read more

Welcome to the Mormon Misfit Magazine

Dearest Misfits, We are excited to announce the launch of an online magazine that will be a companion to the podcast. In it, we will be fleshing out our ideas and thoughts more fully and continuing to share our views on Mormon and pop culture. We would love for you to... read more





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