Episode 6: David moves to Rexburg and Personal Revelation

David catches up his listeners on why he took a several-week-long hiatus from the podcast. Turns out, it’s tough to move out of state and publish a weekly podcast simultaneously, especially with no Internet access.

In this episode, David walks listeners through the decade-long journey of how he went from being a musician in Northern California with eyes on Los Angeles…

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“Summer Vacation”

Episode 6 will be delayed for a couple of weeks [cue Luke Skwyalker audio: “Noooooooo!”] as host David takes the worst type of summer vacation. He’ll discuss that in a future episode. Until then, send your suggestions and feedback... read more

Episode 5: The Battle of the Sexes

In this episode, David’s lovely wife, Jaycee, joins him to discuss their experience when it comes to the roles of men and women in the church. They share how they met while serving their missions followed by marriage seven months later, and what they’ve... read more

Episode 2: Kelly, Dehlin, and Crying at Movies

David brings on friend, blogger and fellow misfit Josh Rolph to discuss recent church action against John Dehlin of Mormon Stories and Kate Kelly of Ordain Women. They end up trying to discuss everything but that touchy subject, although they do provide some thoughts... read more

Episode 1: Intro to the Mormon Misfit Podcast

In the first episode of the Mormon Misfit Podcast, founder and host David Limutau kicks it off from Northern California, but not before making you listen to the longest audio intro in the history of podcasting. We will not disclose…[Click on title to read more]

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